5 Quotes from Beautiful Beast

As I’m sitting here on a quiet Sunday evening, I thought I would share a few of my favourite quotes from Beautiful Beast.

  1. It is what you imagine the music of faeries to be like; it is ethereal, or like a thousand tiny bells played in melodies as intricate as the patterns of the starry skies.Imagine tea, tea cups, and alice in woderland
  2. As I watch, a single bloody petal breaks from the bud and gently drifts to join its brothers and sisters upon the tabletop.
  3. We lie there together for what seems like a long while. Perhaps it is only moments, but time stretches its jaws and laughs at us.
  4. This prince, this soldier, sees the true beast and that should frighten me, but it doesn’t. It makes me stronger.
  5. It whispers and screams and cries out all at the same time. In its tone, I hear something ancient and something darker than the dead of a new moon.

⚡steph⚡The approach to the Cavern of the Well. Not for the faint of heart.Диалоги

To end off, I am still looking for reviewers so please let me know if you are interested. 🙂

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