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Ashes of Glass

Finally! The synopsis for my book Ashes of Glass. I hope you like it! Oh and yes… the cover. I made it myself and I’m a just a tiny bit proud of it 🙂

Ashes of Glass Cover.jpg

A servant struggling to survive.

A prince becoming a leader.

A snake seeking power.


Arella Marceau, once the daughter of a wealthy merchant, finds herself diminished to a lowly servant who must obey the every whim of her stepmother. Then she meets Freddie who is handsome, kind, strong, and of course, very charming. They spend an afternoon together, exploring ruins, becoming lost in the forest, and dealing with gypsies and Arella begins to fall for the young man. When a mysterious debt arises, it inevitably tears Arella away from what she thought might have been a shred of happiness.

Arella accepts her dismal fate, but working as a scullery maid at the palace is a tumultuous task. For it is soon revealed to her that Freddie is Prince Friederic, heir to the throne of Ormandy. Even though discovery would mean life-shattering consequences, Freddie and Arella defy social expectations and meet in the safety of a secret garden. To complicate things further, Arella’s creditor seems to be frighteningly fascinated with her, as well as with the monarchy. What kind of secrets does he keep behind his black eyes?

As Arella’s life spins out of control, she must hold to her love for Freddie and to her belief that God has a perfect plan.

Now available on in paperback and e-book.

You can also find Ashes of Glass on Goodreads. 

Read the Prologue and Chapter 2 for free.

And click here to read some quotes from Ashes of Glass.


13 thoughts on “Ashes of Glass”

  1. Omg the synopsis sounds so interesting!! Your book totally seems up my alley- something I’d love to read! And can I say the cover is GORGEOUS?!? ITS ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!


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