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Beautiful Beast is on Book Sirens!

I am absolutely thrilled to announce that Beautiful Beast is now on Book Sirens!!! This means access to over 1,000 reviewers and an easy way to share my book. I am so grateful for this opportunity.

If you are interested in joining my reviewer group, just follow this link: Book Sirens. But don’t wait too long! At this time, I can only accept 20 reviewers.

My name is Kalista. They call me the beast.

Kalista has been cursed by a powerful sorceress and is now a prisoner in her own palace. As petals fall from an enchanted rose, her fate and the sorceress’s victory draw nearer. But Kalista refuses to be defeated so easily and uses her own magic to push against the bindings. Yet what if it is not enough and the only way the curse might be shattered is through the help of another?

When Arawn crosses into the beast’s domain, he has one motive: revenge for his brother’s death. But as he draws nearer to the beast and is surrounded by invisible servants, magical banquets, and an enchanted forest, he realizes that this beast is much more complex and much more human than he first thought.

As their paths intertwine, Kalista must risk opening her heart to another, while Arawn must learn to see past his hate and prejudice. Together, they struggle against spells, wolves, and time itself to break the curse. If they fail, Kalista will fall asleep and will never again wake.

But maybe you’re too busy to review it now. That’s alright! I completely understand. So just add it to your to-read shelf or your wish list and you can come back to it later. Beautiful Beast on Goodreads and Amazon.

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