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Wolves and Roses by Christina Bauer

I was expecting a fairytale retelling or at least something along those lines, but Wolves and Roses is not your typical fairy tale retelling. 

This book follows the story of Bryar Rose who is told that her life is the Sleeping Beauty template and that she mush marry her prince charming on her eighteenth birthday after which her curse will be broken etc. etc. But my goodness! What ensued is definitely not your typical fairytale. Bauer took multiple fairytales and worked a complex plot around them. It was creative and exciting!

While Bryar Rose was a good protagonist, the characters as a whole were rather bland. They were a little too perfect and although they seemed to have the lives of adults they acted and were said to be in their teens. It was kind of weird. Once, Bryar and Elle comment on having stolen from a company for years. But that doesn’t totally make sense because if Bryar is 17, years would have made her around 13 (15 at the oldest). The inner wolves of Knox and Bryar were rather annoying. Especially Knox’s wolf would not stop commenting on how Bryar was a good mate. Strong mate. Smart mate We find best mate. etc. etc.  Also, the romance was rather cringy… 

“Knox stretches, and since he’s still wearing his rock star pants and fitted T-shirt, I’m really enjoying the view. Knox is ripped…” 

Enough said. Moving on.

While I was engaged most of the time, I can’t say I was a huge fan of the writing. To me, it felt rather unprofessional. 

“I click through pic after pic.”

Image result for fairy tales of the magicorum

“This is me, going for the door.” 

While I don’t mind that in dialogue, I don’t care too much for it in the storytelling. 

Lastly, this was not a clean read. While there is no sex, at times the characters use strong language – especially Knox.   

Altogether, this was an interesting read, but I don’t think I will be reading the sequel. 


Werewolves and my WIP

Werewolves did you say werewolves?

Some of you might know that I’ve been working on my second novel and at draft #3, I thought it was time to push it out into the big wide world. It is a bit different than my first novel – it’s a bit darker I think. And this kind of scares me. What if people hate it? But isn’t this something every writer deals with each time they publish a book? I suppose it is; although, after the first novel there are expectations. Don’t you think?

So anyways, my book is about werewolves. Werewolves?!? You might ask, rather alarmed. Yes, werewolves. I understand your surprise because often when people say “werewolf novel,” you think erotica or horror. (I cringe then gag even as the thought passes my mind) But why does it have to be like that? It doesn’t. I took the idea of shapeshifters, people who transform into wolves, and wove a clean story around it. There are two things I hold to in all of my writing: NO profanity and NO sex. Further, yes, they are werewolves, but they are humans too, and are even believers in God. (although religion does not take foreground.)

But you are probably growing impatient with my ramblings so I will introduce you to my latest project.

* * * * *

Two years ago, Sara Black was nearly killed by her own kind. Werewolves. As an omega, she doesn’t fit into the hierarchy of a pack and if they can’t control her, then they want her dead.   

Sara thinks she is safe in the quiet town of Maybourne, until a hiker claims he was attacked by a wolf. The human authorities write it off as a coyote, but the victim’s description doesn’t match. That’s when werewolf Kieran Warrick shows up in town to investigate. He’s powerful and this makes dangerous. But for some reason, Sara can’t convince herself to leave. Maybe his bizarre claim is true. If it is, that means they are mates and belong together. Forever.    

While they fight and struggle to build love and trust, the wolf attacks continue. But the only wolves Kieran can find are wild ones. Is this just ploy or are there really more werewolves in Maybourne?

* * * * *
Keep your eyes open for the cover reveal!

Coming Soon.jpg

Does this intrigue you? Do you have any questions about it? Anything at all? Then pop by the Contact page and send me a note. I’d love to hear from you!

Also, I will be looking for beta readers and reviewers. What is a beta reader? I’m so glad you asked! Wikipedia ( does a fine job of answering this: A beta reader is a test reader of an unreleased work of literature or other writing who gives feedback from the point of view of an average reader to the author.

If you are interested in beta reading or reviewing an ARC, please send me a note.


Have a lovely weekend!

E.J. Hill

Book Reviews

The Matefinder by Leia Stone

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I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect with this book, but as a whole, I quite liked it. The main plot was interesting and a different take on your typical werewolf story.

However, I found that especially the beginning, was extremely fast-paced. It felt like one big thing happened after the other, just boom, boom, boom, and there was barely any room to breathe and to get to know the characters personally. Further, although I really liked Aurora’s strength, she lacked flaws. For me, it’s those imperfections which improve over the course of the book that make for beautiful and colorful characters.

One thing that I really liked and respected, was that Kai and Aurora made the decision not to have sex until marriage. This is something that’s getting to be increasingly rare in books so ones like this always stick out to me. Nevertheless, there was quite a bit of profanity. So I don’t know if could recommend it. I think the best I can do, is give my honest opinion and leave it up to the reader.

Do you have a favorite werewolf novel? If so, what is it? Feel free to comment below, I’d love to hear from you. 🙂

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