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The Legend of the Blue Eyes by B. Kristin McMichael

It’s hard to know what you’re getting yourself into with Amazon freebies and I picked this one up quite a while ago. So when I started, I thought, “Oh boy, I forgot that this was about vampires.” I’m not a fan of vampire books, but I had committed to so I thought I’d give it a try.

This could have been an interesting concept, however, it was not executed well.

I liked Arianna to begin with – she was sweet and innocent. Yet, there was not a lot of growth. Most of the time, she just went along with what everyone.Image result for face palm gif

“It’s time to sleep.”


It’s time to eat.”

“Okay. After all, he knows best.”

Maybe he does know best and it was okay at first, but I started to wonder if she ever thought for herself. She did somewhat redeem herself, though,  when she helped to heal the injured people. The other characters were rather bland…and those boys. (Oh boy here I go). First off, Devin was a creep! He seems to pick her up and carry her all the time! (She has two feet and a heartbeat) Also, he knows he favourite bra?!? (Gag!) Is that supposed to be romantic?? Because I find that rather disturbing. In fact, all three boys have a super unhealthy obsession with Arianna. They saw her when she was a child and instantly fell in love. Unrealistic and weird? Or is that just me? Also, about her aunt and uncle… I think her relationship with them added a lovely familial flare. But she believed that they were married? I’m not sure how that worked. Either they showed affection for each other and that would be weird because they’re siblings or they never showed affection, in which case, wouldn’t Arianna wonder about that?

Anyways… the writing was okay. There were some grammar mistakes and typos and the writing wasn’t really creative. The plot was a little slow. I kept waiting for things to develop and for the intrigue and adventure to really kick in, but it didn’t happen.

I hate having to say this… But I really don’t recommend this one.