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The One Dollar Horse by Laura St John

This was my horse Roxie. She was such a sweetheart, but university took over so I had to sell her. 😦 

I have discovered the library! Well, I knew that libraries existed, but because we lived out in the country, the nearest library was thirty minutes away. Now that I’m living in the city for school, there’s a library only five minutes down the street! So anyway, while I was browsing through one day, I stumbled across this book. It had me hooked right away. (Mostly because I love horses and miss my beautiful girl). Anyways, enough of my reminiscing.

This book is truly a brilliant, endearing, and inspirational read.

I loved being able to travel with Casey and Storm on their journey from nothingness to stardom. Casey was a sweet girl who, in the end, didn’t let things go to her head. Not to say that it was easy. No, it was a rough road, but she soldiered on and got her reward. I also really enjoyed Casey and Strom’s relationship and how they built it. I am definitely one who believes in building trust with your horse as a foundation for what you do. Mrs. Smith was such a dear. I loved her immediately.

St John’s writing voice was enjoyable and fit well with the story. It wasn’t heavily detailed, but that was okay; it matched well with the audience I think St John wrote this for. I wasn’t crazy about the grammar, though. Some of the sentences could have used a comma or had one too many commas. But that could just be me being picky.   

The pacing was great! It was steady and St John didn’t spend gobs of time on training and every other mishap. She kept things moving along, dwelling on what was important and skimming over what wasn’t. Also, St John wasn’t overly technical. Some horse books tend to contain so much “horse language” that it’s hard for people who are unfamiliar with this to read them. Another note on the plot… Yes, the end result was predictable. I’ll admit that. But I was expecting it to go that way so I wasn’t disappointed.17587000

Lastly, this was a clean read! There are one or two occasions when bad language is alluded to, but it isn’t blatant.

Altogether, I recommend this book. I especially think it would be perfect for younger teens. 

I’ve added book #2 to my to-read list!