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Pawsitively Betrayed by Melissa Erin Jackson

And here we are with the great finale to a pawsitively magical and mysterious series. I was so excited for this last book and it was definitely as intense and exciting as I had hoped it would be.

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It has been amazing to watch Amber grow as a character throughout this series. She went from being someone who kept to herself, a reclusive cat lady, to someone who had a lot of strong friendships. I was a little sad that we didn’t get to see as much of Chief Brown as we have in the other books. Amber’s friendship with him was one of my favourites of the series. However, we did get to see lots of Edgar. Poor guy! I’m so glad things started working out for him (sorry, I can’t say more without giving anything away). Also, to be honest (and I think this was my least favourite thing about this book and maybe the whole series), I was not a fan of Jack. Sure, he was sweet and caring but felt a little useless (sorry!). I was really hoping that he would step up in this book and take a more leading role in the action, but he seemed to stay more as a side character.

The plot was quite fast-paced and I often found myself trying to figure out what was going to happen and who Amber could trust. I mean, the book is called “Pawsitively Betrayed” so a part of me was expecting one of Amber’s closer acquaintances to suddenly reveal themselves to be with the Penhallows. As result, I felt a lot like Amber: always being wary of people and wondering how in the world the Penhallows could be stopped. I would say this is a spot of good writing on Jackson’s part.

And, of course, I must mention the ending. It was really nice. Amber finally got some peace, was able to open the Quirky Whisker again, and reunited with some people she thought she would never see again. Overall, it was a lovely ending to this series.

A Witch of Edgehill Mystery (5 book series) Kindle Edition

If you haven’t read the Witch of Edgehill this series and enjoy cozy mysteries, I absolutely recommend that you do!

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book. All opinions in this review are my own and freely given.

Until next time! Keep your eyes open for my review of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, it will be coming soon.

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Pawsitively Swindled by Melissa Erin Jackson

A Witch of Edgehill Mystery (4 book series) Kindle EditionHere we are again with another fabulous story from the cat-loving town Edgehill. This one brought together more witches and delivered a mystery that was a tricky one for Amber and her friends to solve. And get this: Today is the release day! So make sure you head on over to Amazon and purchase this wonderful book. While you’re there, you may as well get the rest of the series too! Book #1 has less than 200 ratings! It deserves more, so please take the time to check it out. Cat Silhouette Rubber Stamp

Anyway, about the book. Amber is back and I feel like she’s so much more confident about her magic. Yes, she still has her insecurities, but she is stronger than she was at the beginning. I also found that the slight trauma she has from Kieran Penhallow’s attack was really realistic. He almost killed her! Yes, of course she would have nightmares. The relationships in this book were fabulous. I loved Kim! And Jackson did a great job making her come alive. As I read, I could see her reactions. Edgar and Amber’s relationship was really sweet, but I feel so bad for Edgar! Hopefully he gets the Kieran thing figured out soon. As always Chief Brown and Amber were fun to read about and I liked that their relationship was so clearly defined. And of course Jack… I’ll be honest, I haven’t really been crazy about him, but things were better in this book. I think the thing with him is that he doesn’t really do much in terms of the action. Maybe it’s just me, but I would like it better if he was a little more involved. Slate wall sticker: cat silhouette pattern | Etsy

The plot was interesting and I did not find myself getting bored. As always, I loved the setting. We spent some time in Edgehill, but also branched out to different places. It felt like this, along with the whole magic veins thing, gave the book a wider scope. I also, really liked that there was a “Previously” section at the beginning of the book. It was a nice refresher and allows readers to jump into the series without being totally lost. 

Lastly, the ending! What’s going to happen?!?!

Altogether, I absolutely recommend this book (and the rest of the series for that matter) and I can’t wait till the grand finale in a couple of months!!!   

Thank you to NetGalley for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Pawsitively Secretive (Witch of Edgehill #3) by Melissa Erin Jackson


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Once again, Melissa Erin Jackson hit the mark! Pawsitively Secretive was a fun and suspenseful read. The entire atmosphere of Edgehill is charming and totally makes me want to live there! A town obsessed with cats?!? Yes, please!

Image result for cat silhouetteOne of my favourite things about this book was the relationships. First off, Chief Brown and Amber were hilarious and adorable. Part of me wishes that he was single so Amber and him could end up together. I think he is absolutely fabulous! But at the same time, I love their friend relationship and that it isn’t complicated by a romance. I really enjoyed the development of Edgar and Amber’s relationship. He may be grumpy, but he is super duper sweet and I kinda like him (despite his strange pizza toppings). And lastly, Kim really came through in this book. She’s a little crazy and talks a lot, but somehow I love her. Also, I’m so glad Amber has a good friend she can rely on. 

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One thing I found, though, was that the pacing was a touch slow. There was this push and pull between the mystery and planning for the Hair Ball and sometimes the planning was a little heavy. Plus, there was a ton of description. It was nice to see the world come alive, but at the same time it slowed things down. 

This was mostly a clean read. There is some mild language, but nothing terrible. 

Lastly, can we talk about the ending!?! Oh my goodness! Like what just happened? Near the end of the book, I started wondering if Alan the PI would end up becoming a love interest, but then that twist at the end and now I have no idea what to think! I thought THAT was over. Anyway, now I cannot wait for book 4! Just three months! Just three months before it comes out. I think I can wait that long….   

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Thank you to NetGalley for providing an ARC.

If you have been wondering whether or not you should read this series. You definitely should!

Plus, book #1 only has 97 reviews on Goodreads! It deserves more.


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Pawsitively Cursed by Melissa Erin Jackson

44161129. sy475 I could not put this book down! It was so good! Book #1 was amazing, but this one brought everything up to the next level.

Amber went from fearing and hiding her powers at all costs, to embracing them. She still had insecurities, but throughout this story, she became stronger and more confident. I loved the addition of Willow and Aunt Gretchen! It was really fun to see how Amber interacted with her family and other witches, and also to see what other witches are capable of. We didn’t get to see as much of Chief Brown as we did in the last book which was a little disappointing – I did end up liking that guy. But the tension with him that showed up at the end of book #1 was resolved. That was a huge relief! Ugh and Jack. At first, I thought he was sweet, but by the end, he was such a wimp. Poor Amber. I really hope she gets her happy ending. 

The plot was thrilling and the villain’s ability to change faces was so intriguing and nerve-wracking. For a while, I had this theory that Jack was a Penhollow and that Amber and him would fall in love and break the curse. Honestly, though, I’m glad it didn’t end up that way. Which brings us to… You guessed it! The ending. It was epic and satisfying but left enough room for development. There are so many directions book #3 could go!

Image result for cat silhouetteLastly, this was mostly a clean read, but there was some language. 

Altogether, I am super excited for book #3! I loved #1 and #2 and I can’t wait to see where Jackson will lead Amber next.  

Thank you to NetGalley for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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Pawsitively Poisonous by Melissa Erin Jackson

This was a thrilling, enjoyable, and magical read!

Instantly, the title and cover captured my attention. It came across as quirky and unique and lately, I’ve been craving a fun, well-written book. Pawsitively Poisonous did the trick. Well, except that now I want a second book! Hopefully, it’s in the works!Image result for cat silhouette

Amber was a quiet, sweet, and mature individual with a huge heart. It was refreshing to have a main character who wasn’t a teenager and had already put down her roots. Another aspect that was different, was that there was no love interest. It seems like every book these days has to have at least some level of romance, so it was nice to have a break from that.  

The writing was lovely but simple and the voice that Jackson used fit the story perfectly. I also need to mention the setting… Edgehill: A town obsessed with cats. Loved it! ❤ ❤ All the little shops (Quirky Whisker, Purrcolate) were adorable, as well as the cast festival (Here and Meow Cat Festival).

Lastly, this was mostly a clean read. There were no sex scenes, but the mystery did sort Related imageof revolve around infidelity and there was some minor language.

This was a great read, though, and if you’re looking for a paranormal cozy mystery, this is the book for you.

“A deep-green tie lying across the cement walkway that led to the porch’s steps, looking more like a slithering snake than a discarded accessory.”  

“It wasn’t depressing, per se, but cheery didn’t come to mind either.”

Thank you to NetGalley for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review.