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Bandaging the Blitz by Phyll Macdonald-Ross & I.D. Roberts

This was such a stunning read! It was another book I found at the local book fair and what a fantastic discovery. It was a shot in the dark – I had never heard of this book before. However, it was not a disappointment!

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As a book co-written by someone who actually lived through these things, it had a beautiful authentic atmosphere. Each time I picked up this book, it was like I stepped through a portal into the 1940s. Many historical novels miss this touch of authenticity so this was a treat.  

The characters were quite charming. I loved watching Phyll grow from a girl into a woman and nurse. Oh, and of course Mac and Eddie! Their antics often left me with a smile on my face. Alistair was charming and sweet and Phyll and Alistair’s romance warmed my heart. But what a rollercoaster! At times it was like everything was against them, yet despite this, they didn’t become bitter or angry with each other; on the contrary, it brought them closer together.

Again, the writing style had a personal and authentic feel to it. Although, at times the present tense threw me off.

This was also a relatively clean read. There are a few questionable words, but there was no sex.

Altogether, I definitely recommend this book. Give it a read. You will be blown away! I wish there was a second novel so that I could continue following Phyll through her journey as a nurse.

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