Book Reviews

Persuasion by Jane Austen

Yet another wonderful classic by Jane Austen. I thoroughly enjoyed Pride and Prejudice so I was excited to see if this one would be similar. It was and it wasn’t. It didn’t have the same humour that I think Pride and Prejudice has, but the love story was nevertheless epic. I know that there are those who would disagree with me and think that Persuasion is a hoot – to each their own I suppose. 

Anne was a solid character who didn’t allow the silliness or unkindness of her family to sway her. Yes, she didn’t enjoy it and I think she shone most when she was in the presence of others, yet still, she remained steady and kind and intelligent. One thing I found that I could really relate to was her value of good, deep conversation. I just wish there was more of that between Captain Wentworth and Anne. This is one of the main things that bugged me about this book. They hardly spoke to each other until the end! I wish they had more direct interactions, although I think Austen purposefully intended them to become acquainted with each other for a second time from a distance.

It was also interesting to read about an old love that is renewed rather than something new which is more common. It added a level of intensity because Anne and Wentworth had been in love with each other for years but kept trying to deny their feelings. I found my heart aching for them and I kept wishing that they would just hurry and make up. 

Overall, I enjoyed Persuasion and I am on to Sense and Sensibility next. 

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