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Top 10 Quotes from Beautiful Beast

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Are curious about that book I keep talking about? You know that one that’s a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, but with the gender roles swapped. Well here are a couple of my favourite quotes along with some pictures from my pinterest board. Maybe that will give you an idea what it’s about. 😉

But honestly, I could not decide on an order so here they are: a jumble of syllables and consonants.

Late night treats by the fireplace. Dark and romantic.

“It is what you imagine the music of faeries to be like; it is ethereal, or like a thousand tiny bells played in melodies as intricate as the patterns of the starry skies.”

“This is my home. It breaks my heart to see it fall to pieces and know that there is nothing I can do to prevent it. I know that I should accept reality, but it is so much easier to live in a dream.”

“This prince, this soldier, sees the true beast and that should frighten me, but it doesn’t. It makes me stronger.”

“As I watch, a single bloody petal breaks from the bud and gently drifts to join its brothers and sisters upon the tabletop.”

“It would be natural for the fear to climb, to sink its talons into my sanity and clamber upwards, but somehow, I suddenly feel calm. Perhaps it is hope. Perhaps it is insanity. ”

Penny Dreadful

“I am a Vayliese and my magic is not a trivial thing that I use to keep my tea warm and turn moths into butterflies.” “We lie there together for what seems like a long while. Perhaps it is only moments, but time stretches its jaws and laughs at us.”

“In all of their portraits, my ancestors always bore themselves with pride and majesty, but I look like a rose that has wilted and been crushed under a gardener’s heel.”

“It whispers and screams and cries out all at the same time. In its tone, I hear something ancient and something darker than the dead of a new moon.”

“It all blurs together in a flurry of howls and blood and steel and brambles, but through the chaos, there is an abstract sort of peace. Because Arawn and I are no longer fighting each other, we are fighting together.”

Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror. - Khalil Gibran 💛🖤 #beauty #gold #mirror

And what kind of list would this be without an honourable mention?

“Nearby, my rose is lying upon the ballroom floor. The petals glow softly in the dark and illuminate a piece of glass the size of a tea saucer. Carefully, I pick it up and look into it. Not just a piece of glass. A mirror.
And suddenly I know.
This is no dream. This is no fairy tale. A great beast has been woken from its slumber and has lifted its ugly, vicious head.”

Do you have a favourite? I’d love to know!

That’s all for now!


Beautiful Beast: Goodreads link and Amazon link.

P.S. Reviews are really important to authors. If you’ve read a book, then please write a review and give it a rating. Even a few words will be helpful!

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