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Terraformer by Colleen Houck

Tiger's Curse series – Book SnacksI’ve read the Tiger’s Curse by Colleen Houck and I did enjoy them. The first book was a little difficult to read, but things improved as the series went on. When I saw Terraformer on NetGalley, I thought why not give it a try? (Thank you to NetGalley for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review.) 

This one was also rather difficult to start. The first two chapters were about Astra waking up on the ship and then just hanging around waiting for someone else to wake up. I think all of that could have been condensed to just a few paragraphs, but once the others woke up, things started moving. 

I was quite intrigued by the world that Houck built for this book. It shows an earth that has been so devastated by pollution that people can only live in specially controlled environments. The new planet, Gaia, is completely different, though. It is full of foliage and living things. I especially thought it was interesting that Uncle Harm asked the plants’ permission if he could use them for food. I’m not sure that we need to go that far here on earth, but perhaps if we were not so quick to take what we wanted all the time…would it help? 

Anyway, Astra was an interesting character; she was quite intelligent. However, I cannot say that I agreed with her choices in men. Honestly, I didn’t really like either of them. Jax seemed unhealthily infatuated with her and Thane could only think of what was best for the colony. Also, I wish that Astra’s relationship with the trees could have been more fully developed. She went from knowing little, to being super connected to them. There was not a long in between section that helped transition and develop their relationship.  

So I don’t know about this one. I enjoyed the setting and some of the ideas behind this story, but I found that it could have been coloured and shaped differently.    

Have you read any of Houck’s books? What did you think?

Anyway, by for now! Talk to you all soon.

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