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Goldheart by Kenley Davidson

I have read Adari Chronicles book #1 and #5 (Traitor’s Masque and Shadow and Thorn) and I loved them. Davidson is a talented writer who always adds her own unique twist to a fairytale.

Goldheart was no different. It followed the story of Elaine who had been kidnapped in the previous book. She was a sweet character who had been terribly traumatized and this allowed for much character development. She started out frightened and timid, but as the story went along, she became stronger and more defiant. 50227172. sy475 Her daring act at the end definitely warranted applause. However, I did find that her weakness made it difficult to feel drawn to her. I wanted more moments of strength. As for the other characters, I loved Blaise! Honestly, I really wish they had ended up together. They seemed to match and complement each other so well. I also found it hard to be drawn to Will. I mean, to be honest, he didn’t do a whole a lot. He just wasn’t overly compelling.    

I don’t want to go into too much more detail in case I bore you because it is much of the same. While it was an interesting twist, it did not steal my attention and drag me into the Andari world like the other books did. However, I am currently reading Pirouette and am quite enjoying it. 



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