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The Painter by Arleen Jennings

This was an exciting read for me! About half a year ago, Arleen contacted me and asked if I’d be willing to read her novel entitled, “The Painter.” I am so glad I said yes – it has been amazing to be a small part of Arleen’s journey.  

This is a heart-warming story about love, discovery, and forgiveness. The main character, Claire, was a strong and sweet woman who, despite the disbelief of others, pursued the truth. Chase was a kind but broken man and my heart hurt for him. Often, I wanted to give him a hug or give Roger a piece of my mind. In addition, their romance was clean and sweet. Besides Claire and Chase, my favourite character was Maggie. She had such a big heart!

The writing was exceptionally neat and tidy – it is clear that Arleen put a lot of work into it. Arleen’s style was also nice. I found that there was quite a bit of dialogue, but I know that she enjoys dialogue, so I suppose it comes down to personal preference. Further, Arleen clearly communicated emotions. When Claire’s parents didn’t believe that her paintings changed, I felt her frustration and when Chase was belittled by his father, I felt his hurt.

As for the plot… It came together nicely. I liked how Arleen started the story with an exciting but also unsettling scene. It made me wonder, “What is going to happen to Claire?” There were just a few minor things that were a bit bumpy. Claire’s discovery of Zac’s box was more fluid than when I first read “The Painter,” but it still felt a little sudden. Also, Roger’s and Chace’s reconciliation happened rather abruptly. But maybe that’s just me…

Lastly, let’s take a moment to acknowledge the cover. Did you know that Arleen painted the picture on the cover?!? Amazing right? You should take a look at some of her other artwork: 

God has given her many talents!

If you are looking for a clean, mystery/adventure novel, you should give this one a read!

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