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The Songbird and the Secret by Celena Janton


When Katharina Simeon makes a secret promise, she never stops to wonder what consequences may come of it. Yet 200 years later, far from her home in 18th century England, that very promise is carried across time and the Atlantic to rest upon her descendant…

Melissa Benjamin discovers her eleventh great grandmother’s journal while researching her senior history project. Sent down a path she never imagined venturing, Katharina’s intriguing story leads Melissa on a quest to find the parents she’s never known even as she unravels a secret spanning generations. During her search, history buff and schoolgirl crush, Tom Berington, offers to help… but will his aid come at a price too high to pay? And what secrets of his own is Tom hiding?

The Songbird and the Secret is a blend of historical and contemporary Christian fiction sweeping from 18th century England to pre-Revolutionary America, onward to life today. As the reader discovers Katharina’s thrilling story along with Melissa, a mysterious tale weaves together the lives of these two women separated by hundreds of years but joined through an ancient family secret. When each is faced with heartrending disappointment, will she cling to the one who loves her unconditionally?



What a lovely read! One of my favorite aspects was the way it spanned from the 1700s to modern times. This gave it such a colorful and broad spectrum. And it was done well! Janton made each time period feel real and alive. I also enjoyed the mystery, it kept me interested and my mind was constantly trying to solve it.

There were quite a few characters which can sometimes be confusing, but in this instance, each different part of the story was kept clear. The characters were colorful and it was fun to get to know them all. Melly and Katherina were especially loveable! Although I can’t say I was a huge fan of Tom, I was not fully convinced to trust him.

Lastly, this was a clean read with somewhat of a focus on Godly relationships. I liked how Janton showed the ramifications of a marriage that is not focused on Christ vs. the blessings of one that is focused on Christ.

I recommend this book to those who love historical fiction mixed with romance, mystery, and contemporary.  

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