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My Little Letter to the Readers

This little letter appears at the beginning of my book and I put it there because I really felt I needed to explain a little and also warn people that it’s not a perfect book – it was my first try so I am sure there are lots of mistakes hiding in the shadows between the front and back cover. But you know, a lot of it comes down to me simply holding a physical copy of my book because that is a dream come true!


Dear Readers,

I know few people rarely read these little blurbs from the author (I don’t usually), but I thought that I could not leave it out, there are some things I feel as if I need to say.

First off, thank you for picking up my book, it’s an honor to have ensnared your interest. I hope you like my story. When I began writing it at the end of high school, I only knew that I wanted to write a novel in its entirety, not just the first half. Since then, I have learned many things, how to commit to writing the end, how to cut mercilessly, how to create a cover, how to format a book, and the list could go on. Now with all that said, other than me, no one has read or edited this novel so yes, there are going to be flaws. There will probably be more mistakes than I even care to admit, but hey, I got it done, I published it all by myself. So alongside a cup of embarrassment, there will be a delicious chocolate chip cookie of pride.

I hope my faults do not ruin the story for you, I truly hope you enjoy it.

God bless you,

Emma Hill


If you’re interested, you can read the prologue here for free and if you think maybe, possibly, there’s a slight chance you’d like to read the rest of the book…. you can find it on as a paperback or e-book.


3 thoughts on “My Little Letter to the Readers”

  1. I know the feeling of writing a book and knowing there are mistakes in it but just wanting to have something real and complete! I did that with my ‘It’s My Mistake’. I even had someone email me and offer her editing services to me. Had to hold my tongue and how insulted I was.
    I’ve not made mine in paperback, but I will do one day. Going back to it and re-writing it a bit first. You can always write a second edition. 🙂
    I read your Prologue too, and I don’t think you have to worry too much about mistakes. I think it’s well written anyway. And I’m actually interested to know what happens. I will check out your book on Amazon and put it on my Wish List.
    Besides, I started reading Agatha Christie Death on the Nile the other day, couldn’t read past a few pages because it just seemed too much like ‘he said, she said’. There’s hope for us yet. 😛
    All the best!

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    1. Awe thanks for sharing! and for being so encouraging 🙂
      Best wishes with your novel! You’ll get to a publishing point, it takes a while and it can be painful, but just keep chipping away at it 🙂

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      1. You’re welcome. 🙂
        And of course, it’s my dream; to have a physical copy of my books. 🙂
        (One item off my bucket list!)


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