Book Reviews

Season of Fire by Lisa T. Bergren

I was really excited about this book since I’ve read the River of Time series twice and I loved it both times. So with high hopes, I began this novel.

“The Maker is stronger than any force you come against, if you will only lean into him for support. Remember that, yes?”

The first thing I faced, was a bit of confusion. I felt like I was thrown into the story like I would be thrown into the middle of a lake – no ease into the water, no footing, no sense of direction. Which isn’t always necessarily a bad thing, I often begin like this, but what made this less appealing, was that I felt like I suddenly had a few pounds of bricks tied to my feet as well – there were words and terms and information that confused me. So long story short, (haha sorry…) it took me a while to get into it. But I think at around the halfway marker point, I was hooked.

Despite the little bumps at the beginning, I really liked Andriana. She was not perfect, she made mistakes, and she learned from them and it was nice to see character growth. I also quite enjoyed Ronin’s character, although I would have liked to get to know him better, he seemed a bit distant.

The Ailith…. They were super cool.

They were close-knit and had groovy superpowers, plus the addition of their knights made it all the more appealing. Although, I thought Ronin and Andriana’s relationship was a tad cliche. It was kind of like, “Okay, another forbidden love – they pretend not to like each other, then they admit their love, they defy the rules, etc.”

Next: the plot was great!

I enjoyed the world that Bergren created, it was a mess, but it was colorful and just exploding with potential for a great story. The corruption of man was so clear, so terrible, and it made me wonder how they were going to save the world. I mean isn’t that fantastic?! When a book gets you guessing? A lot of the time, I can give an educated guess as to what happens and I’m often pretty close to the truth.

Quick little last note… It was a clean read, there wasn’t any profanity or sexual parts so that was definitely refreshing.

And wrapping it all up in a pretty little package with a bow on it: once I got into it, I did enjoy it and I’ve already started the second book so that means something good (right?). However, I was a little disappointed, I had high hopes for this novel, but I found it a tad weird and dry at points.


Thanks for reading!


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