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Princess Academy by Shannon Hale

Soo Princess Academy.

     I’ll get it out there right away, this book was kept stuffed under my bed for a few months because I didn’t think I would like it. I hoped I would like it, but I thought that maybe it was a book for young teenagers (age 11-15). The answer? Hehe let me give you the review first 😉


“There you go…let it all slide out. Unhappiness can’t stick in a person’s soul when it’s slick with tears.” – Princess Academy


      First off, I really, really loved Miri’s character – she was sweet, brave, smart, and kind. Even though she was sad that her father wouldn’t let her work in the quarry, she didn’t let that fester and become ugly. Also, at the academy, she was diligent and dedicated. The other girls were distant which gave a nice tension to the plot, but as things went on they all realized it was a big misunderstanding and became fantastic friends. However… I would have really liked to get to know the other girls better, to really build a relationship with them. And this actually goes for the rest of the characters too. I caught snippets of intimate moments, but I definitely wish that there were more.


“Look no farther than your hand,

Make a choice and take a stand.” – Princess Academy


     The setting… I really loved the mountain, the ruggedness of it and the way the people were so connected to it. It really struck me as beautiful, but this could have been because Miri loved it so much. Which I think is super amazing. If a writer can communicate a character’s feelings so well that they become the reader’s feelings, she should get a gold star.

      Seriously, though, way to go Shannon Hale. Which then leads us into the writing style. It was well done and nicely written, not heavy with figurative language, but easy to read. So I definitely recommend it to young teenagers – it’s clean, easy to read, a nice story. But if you’re older, don’t let that stop you from reading. Do it, it’s a good book. I’m definitely going to keep my eyes open for Palace of Stone.

“Truth is when your mind and your gut agree.” – Princess Academy    


Ta ta for now!

4 thoughts on “Princess Academy by Shannon Hale”

  1. This is a classic and a staple! I LOVE Shannon Hale and Princess Academy holds a special place in my heart. The two sequels were well done, too. I’d recommend them! Though Princess Academy was the best! If you’re interested, her Books of Bayern are AMAZING! The first one is The Goose Girl!

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