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Cinderella and the Colonel by KM Shea

“A gentle word, a smile, an act of compassion, these are the things that can turn hate to love,”

    K.M. Shea did it again. I was totally and absolutely captivated by this Cinderella retelling. I had an hour-long car ride ahead of me and was looking for a book to read. Since I loved Shea’s other books, I decided to give Cinderella and the Colonel a try.  

    I was hooked from the beginning. Cinderella was a strong, independent, honorable, and brave character. It was so touching how much she cared about her servants. Sigh… she was a lovely character. Sometimes I feel like characters are too perfect like they don’t have any flaws, but Cinderella didn’t make me feel like this at all. However, one thing I didn’t care much for was her name… Yes, I know, it’s a Cinderella story, it’s not a terrible name, etc. But it felt kind of lame, like why Cinderella? Even Ella would have been better. Maybe it doesn’t bug other people, but I didn’t care for it. Another strong character was Friedrich. His introduction into the storyline was a bit creepy and I was like, “who is this weirdo?” But he ended up being really sweet and I kinda fell in love with him too…. 😏

    As usual, I really enjoyed Shea’s writing style. Beautiful, but not weighed down by figurative language and such.

“Hate cannot drive out hate.”

    Moving on to the plot. It was a nice pace, not too slow and too fast, until the ending – I wish that had been dragged out a bit more. You don’t want the ending to go on forever, but after the ball, it felt like someone hit fast forward. It could have been worse, for sure; however, I would have preferred another chapter or so.

    Altogether, though, I loved it. I definitely recommend it, it’s a clean read that is exciting and enjoyable all at once. Maybe I have a soft spot for Cinderella stories because I’m writing one (Ashes of Glass), but despite that, you should still read it.  

“Forgetting is not at all what forgiveness means.”

1 thought on “Cinderella and the Colonel by KM Shea”

  1. Shea is one of the other authors from the Entwined Tales I want to check out! I’ve heard amazing things about her books! And I love Cinderella too, so this is exciting to hear that it’s so good!

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