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The Moonlit Cage by Linda Holeman


Dear People of the Blogging World

   As is often the case, this was a Value Village find. I read the synopsis and flipped through the book and for some reason decided to buy it. Usually, I don’t care for historical fiction, but as I finished the last page of this book, I realized that it was different…

    The prologue was prettily written and definitely snagged my interest. I remained captivated throughout Darya’s journey; even though, the pacing was not what I am used to. Most of the young adult books I read are fast paced adventures that show only a few months of the character’s life. But since Linda Holeman began the story with Darya at a younger age, I felt like I got to know Darya quite well. This journey with Darya through a few years of her life also showed me the way she changed, the way she matured. This was a lovely aspect to the story and reminded me that slower paced novels are nice too.

    Now the style of writing… To me, it came across as quite an advanced and developed form of writing. It wasn’t just simple sentences and words, it was more complex than that. You really have to be willing to allow yourself to be engaged, to think, when you read this book. (Which isn’t at all a reason not to read it!) I suppose I’m just trying to say that the writing is rich and beautiful.

     One thing that definitely fascinated me, was the culture Darya grew up in. It’s so different than the western culture I know. There were parts that had me frowning at it, but there were also things that really got me thinking. For example, in that culture the mother-in-law is someone who the daughter-in-law respects, loves, and takes care of. When I first read that I was like, Wow. That doesn’t happen where I live.

     Moving on to the characters… Darya was a beautiful flame, she was strong and brave yet she had pride and honor. However, there was one big decision that she made which I completely disagreed with. (If you read the book you will know exactly what I mean.) Just… Seriously, Darya? You couldn’t figure something else out? Did you really have to stoop that low? Sorry, I won’t rant anymore, but that one decision ruined an otherwise fantastic book. Yes, I just said that. For me, the book lost its golden sheen when Darya made that decision. Anyways, the character David was really kind and valiant. He was an honorable man in every way. But, he didn’t really have very much dialogue and always seemed a tad distant. At the end of the book, I didn’t feel like I knew him very well. The last character I want to mention is Mr. Bull. I hate him. There isn’t a nicer way to say it. Honestly, I have never disliked the villain of a book that much. I’m not entirely sure why I loathe him more than other villains, maybe it is because he did what he did for his pleasure, not for power like most other villains. Whatever it was he is officially my #1 most hated villain.

    In conclusion, I did like this book. I think it is an 18+ book, though. There was no profanity and the sex scenes were not overloaded with gross details, but they were there; plus, some of the morals aren’t exactly the best. So I think overall I’m gonna say, I enjoyed Holeman’s writing style and was given many things to ponder.



Emma Hill

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