Book Reviews

Sacrifice by KM Shea


 “Stand proud, Snow Queen. You have no equal.”

    Within two days of finishing Heart of Ice, I bought Sacrifice so I could continue the adventure of Rakel the Snow Queen. And let me say right away, I was not disappointed.

    There was a lot of character growth, which was amazing especially since it was the second book. Also, the love story was super sweet. At times, I found myself with a silly smile on my face as a result of the relationship between Farrin and Rakel. It wasn’t sappy or cringe-worthy, it was just really nice and beautiful. And unlike the first book, Farrin is featured quite often with Rakel as well as by himself which helped me get to know and understand his character better. Likewise, there is a closer view of Tenebris, the villain. A few scenes that showed how he treated his soldiers really made me dislike him and want Rakel to defeat him. Further, Rakel’s inner struggle of whether or not she was becoming like Tenebris, created some tension which was good – it kept her character interesting and humble.

 One small aspect that I didn’t enjoy, was the way the plot was laid out. It seemed like a continuous cycle of battle, rest, battle, rest, etc. Further, the dialogue between the fight scenes sometimes seemed a little unnecessary, but this had definitely improved since the first book.


    “It seems you didn’t understand me,” Rakel said, adjusting her grip on his hand. She had to spit the words out around the pain that tore through her. “When I say that love is pure, I mean it stands unrivaled in its power.”  


     And finally, the ending… I loved it! Way to go KM Shea, you nailed it. Rakel made an honorable decision that made me respect her immensely. It also proved more than anything else that she wasn’t like Tenebris.

         Overall, I highly recommend this book (and I suppose you can’t really read this book without reading the first one so I then recommend the first book too!). I really enjoyed this series by KM Shea and I am excited to discover other jewels she has created.   


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