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Heart of Ice by KM Shea


“They already call you their Snow Queen. If you declared yourself the Empress of the Continent, they would ask what you wanted on your coat of arms.”

― K.M. Shea, Heart of Ice

I am never really sure what to write about a book directly after finishing it – it usually takes a few days of pondering the story before I am able to collect my thoughts and write something worthwhile. But even though it’s been less than twenty-four hours, I’m going to give it a go anyways.

This was a bit of an impulse read. I saw it on the Goodreads blog of one of the indie authors I follow, so I thought I would check it out. This led me to where the e-book was being sold for only $5.49. I thought, why not? It’s only five dollars and the description promises an interesting story.

The first chapter or so was a bit boring; although, I was intrigued by Rakel’s snow powers. But as the story went on I became quite engrossed in it. I really liked that Rakel went from being hated to being loved by the people and how the author let this affect Rakel’s character. Too often I read books where the author seems to start and end the main character exactly the same and does not let the events of the story create the character. Furthermore, Farrin’s position as a colonel of the enemy was different – in a good way different, though. It created an exciting tension that had me wondering how in the world Rakel was going to fall in love with the enemy. Moving on, I enjoyed Rakel’s circle of trusted friends, they kept things interesting and their loyalty to Rakel is to be admired. However, I was not crazy about the way Phile was introduced into the story. It seemed a bit random and didn’t quite flow with the rest of the story (For the first half of the book, I convinced that Phile was a traitor). There just did not seem to be a concrete reason – like Rakel saving Phile’s life, or a desire to retaliate against the Chosen forces – for Phile to join Rakel’s group.

“Little Wolf, you are the most paranoid person I know—and I’m a thief.”

― K.M. Shea, Heart of Ice

Leaving behind the characters… At times I found myself skimming explanations, scenes, or dialogue that were perhaps unnecessary. Also, personally, I would have liked a little more description. I really like the expression, “Paint a picture with words,” and I thought sometimes there were some grey areas that if colored in, would have complimented the story. Last but absolutely not least – and I think I mention this more often in other book reviews – this was a clean story that I could read without being bothered by indecent words or scenes. I could read it with a good conscience and for me, this aspect alone instantly elevates a book. So in conclusion, I thoroughly enjoyed Heart of Ice, so much so that I have already purchased the sequel and begun reading it.

“Fear is acceptable, as long as I don’t allow it to cripple me…”

― K.M. Shea, Heart of Ice

6 thoughts on “Heart of Ice by KM Shea”

      1. I found her through the Entwined Tales. I adore Melanie Cellier and have read everything but her latest book. She did the Entwined Tales and now I’m working my way through the other authors. I read a series by Tapscott and am now reading some of Brittany Fichter’s stuff. Once I finish hers, I’ll definitely go to Shea!


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